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Asian dating: The things you should remember

Hints and tips for Asian dating

Asian people are attractive and interesting in different ways. Find out how to overcome cultural differences and be successful while dating them.

Asia is captivating and irresistibly charming for many people all over the world: they love their favourite Asian celebrities, Asian music, video games, makeup products and culture a lot. Of course, Asian people are much more than stereotypical products they make: there are lots of attractive, intelligent and charming people who want the same from dating as non-Asian people do: they seek respectful attitude, care and affection just like anyone else. We’re all people in the first place, but if you’re strongly attracted to Asian people and want to date them, then you need to know a bit more about their culture and views in advance.

There are lots of ways to meet and date Asian people. It’s obvious that you can visit one of the Asian countries and spend some time there to find a single person of your dreams, but it’s not easy for everyone. Of course, you might try to find an expat for dating and relationships, but the easiest way to start relationships is to use a dating website for Asian people and communicate with attractive people online. Modern dating world allows people to meet their significant others wherever they are, so it’s not that hard to find an attractive Asian single – it’s much more difficult to behave correctly and to date them right.

Even though all Asian countries are pretty different and have different cultures and history, there are still lots of things which are usually common for many Asians. Even though stereotypes are bad and generalizations can often be wrong, you need to have an image in your head before dating an Asian person to avoid some obvious awkward situations. Of course, we all make mistakes sometimes, but remember that a careless word can break your chances with an Asian partner of your dreams. You should remember that:

  • You shouldn’t concentrate your attention on the differences. Show a girl that you like her not only because she’s Asian, but because of what kind of person she is. Avoid speaking and asking about her culture too much, don’t compliment her unusual eyes, skin colour or accent – it’s not cute but offensive. Don’t joke about Asian stereotypes while dating an Asian guy as well: Asians don’t like being fetishized and they seek love, respect and understanding as much as other people all over the world;
  • Respect personal space and boundaries. Most of the Asian people are extremely respectful towards others, so they expect the same attitude from their friends and partners. For instance, it’s customary for Asian couples to pay separately on dates, and you should be aware of it in advance because it’s better not to insist on paying for a girl there. Asians prefer knowing other people better slowly: they are very responsible and steady in making all important decisions and choosing people who can potentially become close to them. Don’t be too pushy and aggressive in communication: these are traits that can potentially repel your Asian partner;
  • Respect their families and relatives. Asian people tend to pay a lot of attention to their parent’s words and advice: in many Asian countries parents have indisputable authority and their opinions are always important. You need to make a good impression on their parents because their approval (or disapproval) can influence your relationship a lot. It’s fine to disagree in some aspects or don’t follow all the advice they tell you, but it’s better to demonstrate a respectful attitude and not to confront them openly. Also, don’t even think about criticizing them in your partner’s presence: it won’t be appreciated;
  • Be straightforward. Even though being pushy is not appreciated, lots of Asian people are rather shy and sometimes you should take the initiative. Lots of Asian women love decisive and confident men because they are qualities they love in men as much as their intelligence. Being honest and sincere is essential: no one likes liars and cheaters, and Asians are no exception. Remember that being honest doesn’t mean being rude: stay delicate and avoid criticizing the others, especially if no one asked you about your opinion. Your politeness and good manners can be a much better tool to win an Asian person’s heart.

We’re all people regardless of our differences and personality traits and we all deserve love and respect. Treat your Asian partner as equal and don’t assume they’re too different and unique because of where they are from: that will show your partner that they are important for you because of who they are and not because of the stereotypes about them. Behave politely and reasonable and your partner will make you happy!

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