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Finer Options for the Perfect Sex Games

It is necessary to create a new awareness “. The psychologist and psychotherapist, president of the Italian Federation of scientific sexology, the project of a book on female sexuality that starts from an anonymous online questionnaire to which we can all participate. We would like above all to involve the younger ones, who do not know how their bodies are and how they work, which signals to pay attention to be ready for penetration and how to bring the partner into ways of giving and receiving pleasure that are not just coitus». And, probably, the girls also ignore that only a small 4 percent of women manage to reach orgasm by penetration alone. For the furry sex games this is the best deal that you can have now.

The Finer Options for Your Deal

Even men know little about it: a research by Brigham Young University School of Family Life, by Provo, United States, published last August in the Journal of sex medicine, investigated how the perception of orgasm itself and by the partner, influence sexual satisfaction and the serenity of the relationship. To 1,683 married heterosexual couples have been asked how often they had an orgasm and how often, according to their own experience, their partner proved it: “always” was the response of 87 percent of the husbands, but only 49 of the wives. And 43 percent of men perceived a total involvement of their partner. Among other things, the study also shows that it may be helpful to the serenity of couples the fiction of orgasm by her: women are happier as more orgasms report and men are revealed sexually satisfied even on the basis of their perception of partner’s orgasm (and patience if there really was not). For the furry sex games this is the best deal now.

Finer Options Essential for the Best Sexual Options

Yet it is women who own the clitoris, the only organ in the human body that is solely dedicated to giving pleasure. How come then we are not yet able to take full advantage of it? For Roberta Rossi, “since the 70s, when there was a great discovery of the female body, things have changed a lot: today on our sexuality has fallen a blanket of silence, even in research. The last generations have been a bit ‘left in disarray, at the mercy of fashions and sexual education on Yaupon, rather than encouraged to dwell on their pleasure, on their search through masturbation and self-knowledge.

  • More generally, we are all a bit ‘adapted to a male mode of fruition of sexuality, “performance”, more based on the amount and speed of action than on quality. But what is true of man, that is, concentration on getting an erection, achieving penetration and having orgasm, has little to do with us.
  • Of course, women also like the so-called quickie, but the times of excitement and lubrication remain different from the male ones ». And they must be respected, if you want a final in glory. “And instead, research on millennial shows, on the one hand, increasingly precocious and more promiscuous sex, on the other a decline in the number of sexual relations to the advantage of virtual relations via the Internet”, continues the expert.

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