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If you’re a virgin, should you buy a sex doll

We’ve read a few discussion forum postings and had inquiries from curious people over the years in our business regarding whether it’s a good idea for a virgin to buy a sex doll before attempting sex with a real woman. We maintain that it is a personal choice with no one-size-fits-all solution, but we have tried to explain some points and counter-points below for those interested.

The first notion that sprang to me was that purchasing a sex doll may be regarded as an “easy way out.” Owning a gorgeous sex doll and enjoying on-demand realistic sex anytime you want may deter your desire to meet a genuine spouse.

It may not be true for everyone, but someone with a low/moderate sex desire and possibly some apprehension about meeting actual women may be content with just their doll. Imagine a scenario in which a guy who isn’t very handsome could have sex with a 10/10 sex doll every night. Or he could spend his time and money trying to date women who are physically attractive to him and maybe have sex with a less-than-ideal actual woman once a month.

However, there is a possibility that utilizing a sex doll will assist a virgin in becoming more comfortable with intercourse. After a few romps with a lifelike doll, sex with a real lady might not seem so daunting, and it will come more easily. Nerves or hesitancy at the last minute might ruin the mood, but a sex doll can help with that. A sex doll can help you prevent erectile issues and premature ejaculation from excessive enthusiasm on your first time, among other things.

It’s also far safer, and in some cases, legal, than seeing a prostitute get over your first-time anxieties.

Another disadvantage of purchasing a sex doll as a virgin is that it may deter sexual partners who get easily turned off by society’s sex doll stigma. You can imagine the stereotype of a good date night:

  • Things are heating up.
  • The woman returns to your apartment to be met by your sex doll.
  • The following scene is here fleeing the scene.

Even though social stigmas are gradually shifting and today’s youth are more open to diverse forms of sexual fulfilment, you still face the danger of this happening.

A virgin sex doll owner, on the other hand, could prevent this by using discreet storage options such as a storage container or a hanging kit to keep the doll discreetly stored in a closet. A more miniature doll that is easy to store could also be purchased. If your relationship with a lady develops, you may want to consider getting rid of your sex doll before she finds out. At the absolute least, covert storage will allow you to introduce your sex doll later, rather than on the first night.

Our Unbiased Viewpoint

Despite our apparent partiality, we believe that all virgins who are scared about sex should consider getting a sex doll. Because you cannot predict the future, sex today is preferable to sex tomorrow. Life can change rapidly, as we’ve all discovered in the past year, so if it’s upsetting you, you might as well get some pleasure now. As previously said, if you decide to pursue a real lady who is not fond of dolls, you can simply get rid of your sex doll.

Why not have it both ways?

In the best-case scenario, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds. Purchasing a sex doll may assist you in overcoming your fear of losing your virginity. You then discover an open-minded, adventurous lady with whom you may experiment with new things in your sex life, such as your sex doll. Many couples have chosen to spice up their sex life with a sex doll or two, which is not unusual. It’s crucial to realize that this isn’t always an either/or situation and that purchasing a sex doll does not mean you’ll stay a virgin for the rest of your life.


As you can see, there is no correct answer to this question; instead, think about what seems right to you. For many reasons, people stay virgins; a sex doll may or may not be the solution. That said, if you wish, we advocate obtaining a sex doll since, worst case, you can easily get rid of it, and you won’t be left wondering if it was the right choice.

Whether we addressed your concern above or not, you can still browse our selection for your ideal sex doll by body type, genre, gender, or age. Create your perfect silicone woman or guy by creating a custom silicone sex doll. We’ve got you covered whether you’re starting from scratch or adding bespoke accessories to an existing sex doll. BBdoll is the place to go if you want to find the sex doll of your dreams, you may click here.

Keep your romance as spicy as ever by including a silicone sex doll in your relationship. Whether your sex drive is stronger than your partner’s or you’re considering a threesome, a sex doll that caters to both of your desires is the ideal way to spice up your relationship. Realistic sex dolls from BBdoll can now give you and your lover maximum sexual enjoyment!

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