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Want The Ultimate Strip Club Experience? Follow Our Guide!

You have finally decided to visit a strip club. What’s next? Well ideally, you should try and find the best places in your city. For the uninitiated, strip clubs are also called gentlemen’s clubs or even adult clubs, although some places are more upscale than others. If you want to enjoy the ultimate strip club experience, we recommend that you follow these tips below.

Get a table

Yes, it is possible to get a table at a strip club, and believe it or not, it is a pretty enjoyable idea of sorts to have a complete space to yourself and your guests. Some clubs even have special rooms and booths, where strippers will come to you exclusively, while others even allow guests to choose the strippers they like. It all depends on the place you select, but we recommend that you get a table.

Enjoy the food and wine

What’s a strip club without wine/booze and food? Now, some clubs don’t serve alcohol, and while that may seem foolish, it is true, often because of the local laws and pertaining regulations. Keep in mind that strip clubs make money through food and drinks, so you are expected to order, and therefore, do take enough money along. You cannot order one drink per hour and expect to hold the table for four hours – In all likeliness, you will be asked to leave. Although expensive, get a bottle at the strip club to enjoy better with the boys.

Behave well with the strippers

Believe it or not, people often are too harsh, rude and impolite with strippers, which is also why they complain about a certain bar or club. The idea of enjoying with strippers is to be good with them. Note that they are professionals making money, and a lot of them are not escorts or easy to hire. If you treat them with respect, they will come around you often during the evening. Also, they will offer a lap dance, but if you don’t want one, it is good to refuse than to waste their time or say something like ‘maybe later’.

On the last note, let go of your inhibitions and have fun. Allow the strippers to come close, touch you and enjoy the ambience that the club offers. If you are too conscious, watch others, and you will understand what it takes to make the most of your cover fee.

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